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How To Remove Desitin Stains From Clothes: Tips And Tricks

Do you have a little one who loves to make messes? If so, then you know all too well the frustration of dealing with tough stains like Desitin. This diaper rash cream is great for soothing irritation, but it can leave stubborn marks on your clothes that are difficult to remove. Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can learn how to effectively get rid of these stains and save your favorite outfits.

The key to removing Desitin stains from clothes is acting quickly. The longer the stain sets, the harder it will be to remove. That’s why it’s important to scrape off as much excess cream as possible before treating the stain. Once you’ve done that, there are several methods you can use to pretreat and wash the fabric depending on its type and color. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to remove Desitin stains from clothes using simple household items.

Act Quickly to Scrape Off Excess Desitin

Don’t waste any time – grab a scraper and get that excess goo off fast! The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove Desitin stains from clothes. Use a plastic scraper or an old credit card to gently scrape off as much of the Desitin as possible. Be careful not to spread the stain further or push it deeper into the fabric.

Once you’ve removed as much of the Desitin as possible, it’s time to pretreat and wash the stain. Before doing so, use dish soap to pre-treat the affected area by rubbing a small amount on the stain and letting it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and check if there is still residue left on your clothing item. If yes, try using vinegar solution next before proceeding to regular wash cycle.

Pretreat and Wash the Stain

Now it’s time to tackle that pesky Desitin stain on your clothes by pre-treating and washing it like a pro. Here are some tips to help you remove the stain effectively:

  • Pretreat the stain with an effective stain removal product such as OxiClean or Shout. Apply the product directly onto the stained area and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before washing.
  • Alternatively, you can try using household items such as vinegar or baking soda to pretreat the stain. Mix one part vinegar or baking soda with two parts water and apply onto the stained area. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes before washing.
  • When washing, use hot water and a heavy-duty detergent such as Tide or Persil. Make sure to follow the care label instructions on your garment.
  • For tough stains, repeat the pretreatment and washing process until the stain is completely removed.

By following these simple steps, you can easily remove Desitin stains from your clothes without damaging them. Just remember to act quickly and be patient during the process!


Congratulations! You have successfully removed the Desitin stain from your clothes using our tips and tricks. Remember, the key to removing any stain is to act quickly and use the right methods for that particular type of stain. By scraping off excess Desitin as soon as possible and then pretreating and washing the stain with a combination of household items, you were able to restore your clothes to their original condition.

Next time you are faced with a stubborn stain like Desitin, don’t panic. With these simple steps, you can easily remove it without damaging your clothing or spending money on expensive cleaning products. Always be sure to read the care label on your garment before attempting any stain removal techniques, as some fabrics require special treatment. With a little patience and know-how, you can keep your wardrobe looking fresh and clean for years to come.

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